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1. Introduction

This document is intended to explain how to use TrueType fonts with Linux and applications that run under Linux.

1.1 Disclaimer

The information in this is document is, to the best of my knowledge, correct. However this HOWTO is still in preliminary versions and may contain incomplete, confusing, misleading, or even incorrect information. It is being provided in this form so that such errors can be spotted and corrected; think of it as being in beta testing. So, don't do anything foolish, keep backups handy if you make major changes to your system, and if you have difficulties contact me at or post in one of the comp.os.linux.* newsgroups, I read most of them.

1.2 Credits

Brion Vibber ( - The document itself

Subhas Roy - Suggested that this HOWTO be made

Rod Smith - Proper sequence of utilities for TrueType to PostScript conversions, ApplixWare info

Herbet Duerr - General xfstt and StarOffice-specific info

Juliusz Chroboczek - Type 42 conversion

1.3 Document History

v0.4, 16 June 1998: List of tools, Applix info, etc.

v0.3, 12 June 1998: StarOffice directions, some minor updates to xfstt and Ghostscript. Applixware info is on the way... Will soon also add info on the latest xfsft & something called ttinst. Heck, there's all kinds of stuff that's not here yet! ;) Also there's some mention of Type 42 fonts. Don't know how well the really work but they sound good - it's the Ultimate Answer to the Ultimate Question of PostScript, TrueType, and Everything! Good things a-comin' soon.

v0.2, 22 May 1998: Finally got a chance to get some more work done on this... Now includes a working example of TrueType to PostScript font conversions, more info on using font servers, and WordPerfect.

v0.1, 20 March 1998: Initial preliminary version created. Basically a skeleton for later work, not much actual info yet.

The most current version of this document will always be available on the World Wide Web at

1.4 Feedback

If you find any errors or really confusing bits in this document, feel free to drop me a line at Remember that this is a preview release, not a final document, so not all sections are yet complete.

1.5 Distribution

Since this document is not yet complete, I ask that you do not redistribute this document without first asking for permission. Not all information contained herein is complete, and some may be wrong, so you should be aware that this is not a complete HOWTO at this time.

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